Charity Work

Cass-Stephens and their team have always been charitably minded, but it’s only recently that we have been recording some of the charitable work we have done over the years and how much we have raised.

Over the years we have done many brilliant (and some stupid) events to raise funds but there has always been an underlying ethos of supporting something we believe in and that it is, on the main, a small local charity where the monies we raise will have the most effect.

We are a family broker after all and we are Gloucester born and raised, so it’s important for us to support our local community where we can.  That’s something you won’t get from one of the National Insurance Firms, so bear that in mind when you’re hopping around with one of the Direct Companies. Going back over what we have done has brought back some great (and some painful!) memories but even we were amazed at exactly how many charities we have helped and how much we have raised for these local causes.

Even putting aside what our director Matt Cass does with his local Gloucester Rotary Club, we have raised somewhere in the region of £25,000!!!   That’s an amazing amount for what is a medium sized family insurance broker.  What’s more we don’t aim to stop doing it; so watch this space for our next endeavour.

Well done to all the staff and everyone involved.