Walk the Plank 2019


Yes, you have read this correctly… in honour of the Gloucester Tall Ships Festival (now a bi-annual event around the late May Bank Holiday) and to raise money for the HaVinG Charity to help homeless and vulnerable people in the City of Gloucester and local area, we sent Director Matt Cass to Walk the Plank into the delights of Gloucester Docks…

There were suggestions of water cannons and paint ball machines from staff to hasten him into the murky waters but he waved these suggestions away and elected to do a back flip instead amid cheers from our Local Town Crier resplendent in his regal robes and none other than Jack Sparrow!!

Matt was in good company as local councillors and the reigning Miss Gloucester also “volunteered/were press-ganged” into Walking the Plank and overall raised a massive £6,185.78 for the HaVinG Charity. These funds will help support an Art Therapy Group, Breakfast Clubs, the City Mission and the Salvation Army as well as, in the future, cookery classes for 2 residential support houses for residents preparing to move onto their own accommodation.