Gloucester Rotary Club

Gloucester Rotary Club



Cass-Stephens insurances Ltd is very active with its Local Rotary Club (The Rotary Club of Gloucester) through its director Matt Cass. Matt has been with The Gloucester Rotary Club for over 8 years when he joined on 19th November 2010.


Santa Fun Run

Matt and Cass-Stephens have supported many Rotary events but most notably are responsible for the Glos Santa Fun Run through Sponsoring and Organising it.

Its early days with the Santa Fun Run but it has already grown to over 200 people and raised thousands of pounds for local charities through the Rotary

Community Awards

Rotary Community Awards

The Rotary Community Awards allocate grants to deserving local charities of up to £500 a time.

In 2018 The Rotary Community Awards gave away over £12,000 to over 23 local deserving charities.


Centenary Year

Matt has the very prestigious Honour of being selected to represent Gloucester Rotary Club in its Centenary (100th) Year

Matt Said “It’s an honour to represent this club as its president at any time but it’s especially an honour to do so during its centenary year. Cass-Stephens and I will continue to support The Gloucester Rotary Club for Many Years to come.”


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Santa Fun Run