Jamie McDonald Treadmill Guinness World Record Attempt

Many of you will have heard of Jamie McDonald… No?

He’s the guy who has run across Canada,  America, completed an 11 day cycle ride and now he’s attempting the World Record for longest distance in 7 days!

He’s aiming to complete 550 miles over 7 days with 2 hours sleep a night.. Crazy? Quite possibly! This attempt is easy to support and follow as he’s at local shopping centre – Gloucester Quays! (he’s also quite happy for members of the public to keep him company on the spare treadmill)


In recognition and support of this attempt, we are sponsoring him by Insuring the actual event.  It’s what we specialise in after all.

The company has also asked staff to volunteer to head down to the Quays to join him on the spare treadmill to give him some encouragement with the added inducement of a pint in the pub afterwards…

Watch this space for more photos….

From The Attempt

Winner Winner!