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Risk Management Services

Risk Management Services

Cass Stephens are pleased to be able to offer a new, in-house, risk management service designed to partner our general insurance services.

Risk management is generally, at worst, a cost neutral exercise, meaning that any investment that you make now should see a return in the future. Typical returns that can be seen are:

  • Reduced losses, or serious occurrences, leading to
    • Reduced insurance spend
    • A reduction in management time in dealing with incidents
    • Reduced fines
  • Reduced sick pay
  • Improved productivity
  • Less need for capital investment through planned maintenance programmes

For example, in construction, the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) estimates that you can actually save up to £12 for every £1 you invest in health and safety.

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As well as the common sense financial arguments, there are clearly legal obligations on employers to ensure the safety and welfare of their employees, as well as anyone else that is affected by their operations. In 2014 the number of cases the Health and Safety Executive prosecuted was 650, with a conviction rate of 93% The HSE also prosecuted over 1000 offences with a conviction rate in excess of 85% The fines totalled £16.5 million, giving an average of £18.198 per case.

Cass-Stephens’ new services can be tailored to fit with what you need, rather than an off the shelf system. We offer:

On Site Audit

This is the most popular option where this has been discussed with our clients. This involves a visit to your site and conducting a property and liability survey, checking health and safety paperwork is in order and providing you with a full management report. This report details any areas of non-compliance, as well as what you should consider in order to meet with best-practice.

Competent Person Service

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 require every employer to have at least one competent person and you can appoint external assistance under Regulation 7, if this is beneficial. You should decide whether you feel you have enough competency in-house based upon whether you have all the relevant skills, knowledge, experience, training. Cass Stephens can lead your health and safety management team, or complement it, in order to ensure you have the right skills and emphasis in place.

Distance Audit

Many organisations feel that they are both low risk and have done a good job of ensuring that everything is in place as it should be. Where this is the case, we offer a service that checks documentation and provides commentary whether improvements may be possible.

All our services are provided by an in-house NEBOSH qualified consultant, with over 15 years’ experience in insurance.