Old Cryptians Club – President 2024 – 2025

Old Cryptians Club – President 2024 – 2025

We are pleased to say that one of our directors Matt Cass has taken over as the President of The Old Cryptians Club for the 2024 – 2025 period

Matt mentioned in his acceptance speech that this year 2024 is the 175 anniversary of William E Henley’s birth (he went to The Crypt School from 1861 – 1867) and 2025 is the 150 year anniversary of W E Henleys most famous poem “Invictus”

For those of that don’t know W E Henley lived in Eastgate Street in Gloucester and even has a House at the school named after him.

He suffered from Tuberculosis at age 20 and had a leg amputated.

He was friends with Robert Lois Stevenson who wrote “Treasure Island”;  Henley is believed to be the inspiration for Long John Silver in his book.

He also wrote “Invictus” which is arguably his most famous poem;  which Nelson Mandela quoted as inspiring him during his 27 years of captivity.

It is also the inspriation for the 2009 Invictus Film staring Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon about South Africa winning the 1995 Rugby World Cup.

And also know by The Invictus Games which Prince Harry is a patron off.

And it all started at The Old School Rooms at St Mary de Crypt which later went on to become The Crypt School as we know it today.

Matt plans to celebrate one of the schools most famous Alumni’s during his term of office.

What a school to be linked to and now the President of the old members club, The Old Cryptians Club.