Gloucester City Council Cyber Attack shows the importance of having Cyber Insurance

Gloucester City Council became aware of a devastating Cyber attack in December 2021 and are now having to rebuild their entire database and servers.   It has already cost the council £630,000 but is believed the final costs may be in the Millions.   

Gloucester City Council did not have Cyber Security Insurance in place; so will have to meet this cost out of reserves and future Council Tax but would you be so lucky if it were to happen to you?   

Could you simply increase your prices to pay for this extra cost, let alone afford the down time whilst its being fixed or the potential harm to your reputation and potential fines and damages from losing sensitive client information?   Is it really worth it?

To get a quotation for Cyber Insurance for your business please give us a ring on 01452 300888 or click on this link. 

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