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Cass-Stephens Insurances join Equitoy

Cass-Stephens Insurances Limited are pleased to have joined Equitoy, the UK trade association for Toy Importers.

Equitoy represents importers, distributors, manufacturers and retailers and seeks to offer guidance, support and representation to companies in the toy, gift, publishing and stationery sectors. The support that it provides it members includes legal, customs, legislative, financial and very importantly for the sector safety advice. The safety advice in particular is crucial for Equitoy members bearing in mind the requirements of The European Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC.

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Cass-Stephens Insurances Director Paul Baldwin spoke at the Equitoy open day in March 2013 and was consequently invited to join the association. Part of his talk was on how underwriters need to know and understand exactly


  • who makes your product
  • where it is made
  • what it does
  • who buys it
  • how you know that your product is safe

The appetite of insurance underwriters to product liability for toys and associated products made in China is limited. They need to fully understand what it is you do and that you can confidently answer the questions above.

It is our opinion that Equitoy membership will enable toy importers to demonstrate to underwriters that theirs is a business that they want to provide the best terms for.

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