Fraud. Does your business hold Commercial Criem Insurance to protect against internal and external fraud?

Commercial Crime Insurance; are you covered?


The majority of businesses endeavour to ensure that their buildings, stock, machinery & plant, computers, etc. are protected in the event of a fire, theft or flood, however many omit to include Commercial Crime Insurance within their insurance programme.

One of the major threats facing UK businesses is fraud, from both internal and external sources. In PWC’s Global Economic Crime Survey 2014, 44% of responding businesses reported that they had experienced financial crime in the last 12 months.


A Commercial Crime Insurance Policy can provide your business with protection in respect of:

  • Internal Crime – protection against Fraud or dishonesty by your Employees
  • External Crime – protection against forgery, counterfeiting of money or securities, cheques fraud, supplier fraud, computer fraud, fund transfer fraud or corporate card fraud committed by a third party.

Computer Fraud – an example


A bakery business lost nearly £20,000 after it opened an email purporting to be from HM Revenue & Customs. The attachment contained a virus which enabled fraudsters to take control of their computer, record their keystrokes, access their bank account and take £19,600 from it.

How to obtain Commercial Crime Insurance?

To provide an indication (subject to completion of a proposal form prior to policy inception), we just require:

  • Annual turnover
  • Annual wage roll
  • Number of employees
  • Number of locations
  • Any relevant loss history

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