Flood Insurance Claim


At Cass-Stephens we believe in looking after our clients throughout the period of insurance and especially when you need us most; namely when you need to make a business insurance claim.

Some Insurance Companies will insist on you phoning their claims helpline yourself. We try to avoid this where possible, but even if you do need to report the claim direct we are there for you throughout the claims process and work pro-actively to ensure that your business insurance claim is settled fairly and with minimal fuss and interruption to your business. We will liaise with Loss Adjusters, Contractors, Suppliers, Third Parties, etc to ensure that your claim is settled as quickly and fairly as possible.

We passionately believe that an insurance broker is as only as good as the quality of the claims service that it offers its clients.

Please do contact a member of our Business Insurance Team to discuss how our business insurance claim service can help your business.

We look forward to hearing from you.